the process behind the logo

the details.

We often share our process and the curious wizardry that happens behind the scenes. But we get it, it’s not your day gig, it’s ours. So how much work really goes into creating a truly meaningful logo with impact? Let’s take a look behind the curtain at the nitty-gritty detail of our latest logo project.

Now let’s be clear. When we say “truly meaningful” we also mean “good.” And by “good” we mean it works for you, your business goals, and helps you stand out from the crowded competitive landscape. Taking every element of your brand story and slamming them together into one visual can be overwhelming — and may not translate into a good logo. So, what is a good logo? Most brand agencies will tell you it’s a simple, memorable mark that people recognize and trust. We find that the deeper we dive in the beginning of the discovery process, the greater success we have in creating something everyone gets excited about.

Our process is simple, but that doesn’t mean shallow. We get to know you, what you’re doing, and where you’re hoping to go. We eye your competitors, focus on your offerings, and zero in on what makes you special. Our creative is only as strong as the strategy behind it, and we’ve learned never to leave the important stuff out. Only then do we create, iterate, and finally activate.

If you need a logo for a hundred bucks tomorrow, that’s not our jam. But if you want to invest in a brand identity that gets recognized, has true meaning, and feels like something you helped create with a team of seasoned pros who care about your vision — we are your team.

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“hi barbara! we’re opening a new restaurant in waikiki. can we get a logo?!” asks our potentially new client.

“you bet, stacey! we’re your brand agency!” replies our gutsy leader.

01. discovery.


project brief.

Once Stacey reviews the proposal and signs the SOW, our process starts with the project brief. Stacey’s team fills out the brief with everyone who has a say or an opinion on the project. This gets them aligned and provides a solid foundation for us to reference throughout the project.

project kickoff.

Our client kick-off includes everyone involved in the project on both teams. We review the brief, ask questions, and hone in on the details. Once direction is clear and teams are aligned, we’ve got what it takes to get this project rolling!


Our project manager creates milestones, constructs a timeline and sets tasks for all deliverables.

02. create


design kickoff.

Designers — go! The design team collaborates to kick off creative. We bury our noses in the project brief, sift inspiration and turn up the tunes. Concept brainstorming and sketching begins. All ideas go on paper!


Through several internal reviews and collaboration, we begin to craft distinct mood boards with ideas and inspiration all relating back to key findings in the project brief. The concepts are beginning to take shape.


Once directions are solidified, we finally go digital, further developing and refining each logo concept. The art director is confident that these are on-point with the brief, budget, client expectations, and then some!


The concepts are presented to the client with hopes that one really sticks. “Oooh’s” and “awwww’s” are always welcome. Here they liked several and were humbled to see how our team immersed themselves in the culture infused in the project—but one was really sparking admiration and conversation.


After some private deliberation and polling on their end, concept 3 is the chosen winner with high-fives all around! (In all honesty it was a friday champagne toast via zoom.) 2 revision rounds are now included to refine design, color, and supporting brand elements.


Subtle tweaks are made to the design and a revised color palette explored to reflect the true color of the royal crown flower. Revision rounds are complete and the logo is approved.

03. deliver.


art + guidelines.

Once finalized, various logo file formats are created for print and digital use. Identity guidelines are produced for reference of logo do’s and don’ts, color and typography specs, and brand element usage. This ensures a consistent brand for anyone who works with it. The logo is now ready for client use and delivery.

04. activate.


collateral + social.

The new identity is unleashed into the wild and ready for its closeup. Our process cleared the way for a smooth journey from discovery to delivery!