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arlequin wine merchant

the details.

the details.

Not often does a brand agency get to revitalize a brand they created 20 years ago. 300FeetOut was lucky enough to get that opportunity with Arlequin Wine Merchant. A wine store for wine drinkers in the know, Arlequin has deep expertise in the industry, a massive inventory, and a knowledgeable charismatic team. They also had a brand, website, and brick-and-mortar strategy conceived before the wine barrel.

We started with the wine (naturally). When you have thousands of bottles, that’s a lot of wine. Our development director personally worked with the executive team to identify the pros and cons of various inventory systems. They ultimately decided to move forward with Square, which is actually point-of-sale software that is adding features for inventory management.

As the team was working to input their inventory, we worked on uplifting the brand. The old logo was crafted to compliment and closely resemble its neighboring restaurant Absinthe, known for it’s hamburgers, fine cocktails, and old-school cool. Our new strategy involved not only complimenting Absinthe, but setting it apart. If that wasn’t already a tight rope to walk, we were simultaneously working on the brand of its other next door neighbor, Arbor. We had to make sure these three brands worked together in harmony, while also giving each a distinct identity of their own.

The new logo is modern class (note the san serif typography) without being old-school stuffy (gone is its old serif based typography). The color palette works seamlessly with its family of brands next door, each with their own primary color and shared accents that work together. Even the typography was updated to appeal to a modern day demographic without off-putting the old school connoisseur.

Pairing the new store with the fluid harmony of the three Absinthe Group brands working together—and you’ve got the perfect blend of brand project success.


Brand Visual Identity and Expression
Brand Foundation Building
Brand Guidelines
IA/UI/UX Website Design
Custom Responsive Website Development
Content Management System
Content Strategy


Vega Awards
Davey Award – Brand Identity/Style Guide

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we positioned the Alrlequin brand to stand on its own and to compliment its neighboring family of brands, Absinthe and Arbor.

Arlequin brand discovery
Arlequin logo design


a modern facelift of the arlequin word mark appeals to today’s wine connoisseur. it’s classy without being old-school stuffy.


we built digital brand guidelines so that all arlequin brand assets and resources are available to anyone, anywhere, faster than you can pour your second glass.

Arlequin brand signage


“they took great care in the creation of our brands, listened to all members of our team, and created a brand personality and design that was spot-on.”

— chloe pressman, the absinthe group marketing director


our design + development of the site brought Arlequin’s brick and mortar store online. our ux strategy + art direction of product photography helped them serve their customers (and thirsty new ones) even through a pandemic.

Arlequin website design + development


we integrated a system that put their 5,000+ in-store products online. cheers to that.

Arlequin e-commerce
Arlequin branded collateral bags


guidelines and brand assets give the Arlequin team the flexibility to produce their menus, signage, and print collateral on their own timeline.


“working with 300FeetOut was a dream! they were able to work diligently and patiently on our projects and we are SO happy with the results. it allowed us to have a functioning business even amidst a pandemic.”

— chloe pressman, the absinthe group marketing director