rebuilding a website for boston's landmark destination

boston park plaza rebuild

the details.

the details.

Boston Park Plaza is a beloved destination cherished by generations. For 90 years the landmark has been the heart of Boston. So why did the award winning website that launched with the renovation need a rebuild five years later?

The iconic hotel asked us to build them a website to celebrate their restoration and $100 million renovation, bringing it back into modern vibrancy reflective of the city and spirit of the hotel. But technology has a way of moving faster and faster so we found ourselves rebuilding the site 5 years later.

Originally built using a drupal backbone, we upgraded to the more developer (and user) friendly WordPress platform. This allowed us to utilize pantheon, a hosting service specifically geared towards wordpress developers. Pantheon provides in place management, which means that they help us run the site. That saves both time and money mitigating the inevitable “site is down” emergencies. Since the drupal version of the site was nearing it’s ‘end of life’ for supporting the build, it also saved the hotel thousands of dollars trying to patch digital holes for an old technology.

WordPress also allows us to customize the admin, which means the hotel saves on operational resources by having internal staff make more changes more quickly.

It’s also optimized so that the website went from a dismal 1.5 seconds for first paint (the moment you see something on the screen) to a much faster .6 – yes those numbers are small but in the internet world, it’s akin to comparing a speed race in a pinto to a BMW. The page score also went up from 71% to a 93% which means that google will rank the site higher.

Lastly, we redesigned global UX elements and a number of pages to more fully reflect the current day experience at Boston Park Plaza so that the sense of place was maintained from booking on the website, to getting directions on the phone, to entering the majestic lobby awash in style and comfort.


IA/UI/UX Website Design
Custom Responsive Website Development
Content Management System
Content Strategy


Davey Award
W3 Award
Communicator Award

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our design + development of the Boston Park Plaza site is a perfect example of how we keep our clients up-to-date. as technology improved after our first build, we transitioned them from an aging platform to a modern wordpress build. we doubled down on this opportunity by refreshing the design to align closer with the brand evolution and brought them up to speed with todays accessibility standards from the ground up.


while refreshing the look and feel of the site, we simultaneously worked on improving the information architecture for improved hierarchy.


in the new wordpress  build, we improved the user experience by redesigning and developing an accessible booking widget, navigation, and custom page layouts.


increase in organic search referred revenue