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boston park plaza

the details.

the details.

Boston Park Plaza is a beloved destination cherished by generations. For 90 years the landmark has been the heart of Boston, welcoming all but two U.S. Presidents during that time. More recently, though still an iconic part of the city’s mythology, the hotel had fallen from a bit from it’s lofty perch. While still a destination for your grandparents anniversary, son’s graduation, daughter’s wedding and your 2pm meeting; the hotel had become known as “sleepy and old fashioned”. Now it is fully restored and reimagined through a $100 million renovation, the hotel offers the vibrancy and style of today, with a spirit inspired by its past. To welcome it’s guests back, the hotel tapped 300FeetOut to bring this new experience to the web.

On our flight to Boston, we scoured the internet for every tidbit of rich history we could find. On property, our project kickoff included the hotel’s marketing team, interior designers, brand agency, PR team, and devoted staff. Through the on-site kickoff, staff interviews, and property tours, we discovered a great deal of the hotel’s historic charm meticulously preserved during the renovation and the contemporary elegance and vibrant style that awaits guests today. Through this discovery phase with all teams on board, 300FeetOut created a site that serves as an invitation welcoming guests back to fall in love with the experience all over again.

The design unfolds like a delicate love letter with a nod to its heritage and enters through the doors of today — into the awe inspiring new lobby, awash in white. Scrolling the site, the sections mimic the extreme contrast found in the interior design with soft creams inspired by the lobby’s white wash-up walls while darker sections mimic the warmer walnut areas found in the Library. Guiding the user’s eye through the story and down the page, line work and etched icons provide a historic touch, while dynamic angles invoke the new, charismatic experience. The “letter” comes to a close in the footer with the brand emblem “For the Love of Boston” sealing the envelope. Throughout the design process, we were very careful to mimic the same balance achieved throughout the renovation — celebrating the hotel’s rich heritage while introducing it’s modern aesthetic of today.

The historic charm and contemporary elegance of the iconic Boston Park Plaza awaits.


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