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the details.

the details.

When a luxury hotel with nearly 100 years of legacy calls 300FeetOut, we hop on the first jet to Honolulu. Halekulani, Hawaiian for “House Befitting Heaven”, is located on the beach at Waikiki. With a reputation for gracious hospitality and impeccable service, they needed a website that enveloped users in the same oasis of serenity that makes Halekulani highly sought after as a top International resort.

An agency dream come true, Halekulani has not only a cracker-jack marketing team, but also everything in between from the welcoming staff to the loyal guests from which we drew our inspiration. Strategically we wanted to convey the beauty of the property while developing a content strategy that communicated not just the facts about the hotel or the rooms, but the feeling of being poolside amidst the sun’s warmth.

Visually the site’s design echoes the property’s architecture and its renowned ‘seven shades of white’ interior design philosophy in which the rooms and the building frame the sweeping views, rather than compete with them. Sophisticated typography and rich imagery give this concept an international feel, while also embracing the warm, Hawaiian spirit.

Many reoccurring guests become a welcome part of the Halekulani family. It was important for us to incorporate that personal connection into the website. We created The Buzz, a place where guest’s social media posts and images create new and active content for the site via the use of custom programming and hashtags. This dynamic design and cutting-edge development also merges with smart navigation putting every page at your fingertips.

Halekulani now has a fast-loading, responsive site that translates the serenity of the House Befitting Heaven. Our biggest challenge now is coming up with an excuse for another site visit.


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Communicator Award
HSMAI Adrian Award

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increase in revenue first 2 months post launch


increase in transactions first 2 months post launch

“300FeetOut captured the essence of Halekulani, beautifully translating our on-property experience into an immersive web experience.”

— Mari Kam, Halekulani Strategic Marketing Manager