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the details.

Step inside the offices of McMillan Electric, one of the Bay Area’s leading electrical contractors, and you immediately detect a certain something different. This family-owned business has a 40+ year track record of success, and a lot of it has to do with…that thing. But what is it? And how do you communicate it through a website?

The McMillan name and logo are familiar around San Francisco because of their fleet of white service vehicles. But their website was dated and their brand identity was fractured among multiple divisions each with its own corporate name—an accounting idea gone awry. And it was difficult to find in a web search.

It was a perfect brand strategy exercise for 300FeetOut. We started with their well-known logo, refreshing it to make it web friendly and bringing the 3-prong plug metaphor to life with the addition of the cord visual on the landing page. Meanwhile, we developed a brand voice for the site’s copy to communicate the professional yet very friendly and always hands-on attitude of this group of highly-experienced problem solvers. Our content plan included page-by-page search engine optimization (SEO) keywords and phrases to make it easier to find McMillan in a highly competitive marketplace.

Now the website has transformed from an embarrassing after-thought to a vital sales and marketing asset for this local company. They continue to invest in new content. And our SEO efforts are working, with McMillan Electric usually showing up on the first page of a search.


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Branding Guildelines
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