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the details.

the details.

McMillan Electric is the Bay Area’s leading electrical contractor. 10 years ago when we met, they were a small, single family shop still doing mom and pop jobs. Today’s McMillan Electric is a multi-million dollar enterprise powerhouse with multiple locations, cutting edge technology, a strong leadership culture, and the most ambitious work-ethic we’ve ever seen… and we work with 20/7 start-ups! Evolving their brand was a no-brainer.

The old website was a product of the previous team and can be summed up in a single word: dated. M Electric needed a new digital footprint to reflect their leadership, growth, their size and expansion + advancements in innovation and technology. So, we gave this visionary industry leader a future-forward face to reflect who they’ve become and to be a competitive force in the industry.

The McMillan name and logo are familiar around the greater San Francisco area because of their fleet of white service vehicles and we didn’t want to lose that brand equity. Nor incur the million dollar expense to replace all the trucks, hats, safety vests, shirts, jackets, signage, etc. So instead we made minor adjustments to modernize and strengthen the brand mark – small enough to emotionally connect with it online but not so different that it felt unfamiliar when interacting with it in real life.

The existing website structure was replaced to reflect the new business strategy. Adding riser management, cyber security, and in-ground content. We built a new set of wireframes and a new look and feel, replacing macro shots of wire with expansive project shots to better reflect their status as a future thinking industry leader in their field. We were sure to pull in the hefty client list that would make any other business shout from the rooftop.

The SEO needed to be reworked since not only was it stale, but the old McMillan Electric Companies had different services. We also needed to address the changes in local landscape, the competition set, and the way Google itself has evolved over the years.

In the end, we built an inspiring site for an amazing company. One that allows them the flexibility to keep growing and keep adding to their toolset, well into the next decade and across Northern California.


Brand Visual Identity and Expression
Brand Foundation Building
Brand Guidelines
IA/UI/UX Website Design
Custom Responsive Website Development
Content Management System
Content Strategy

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even with our 15+ year connection, we did the necessary digging to understand McMillan’s new positioning having grown from a $40M to $150M company.

McMillan Electric brand discovery mood board
McMillan Electric logo mark animation


a full foundational brand uplift was needed to maximize the impact of McMillan Electric’s presence as a future-thinking industry leader, without losing its brand recognition.

McMillan Electric website brand guidelines


“300FeetOut has captured the heart and soul of our company culture and leadership, creating a true representation of who we are today.”

— william musgrave, ceo & president, mcmillan electric


our design + development of the McMillan site is the culmination of our all-hands-on-deck approach. Our team of strategists, designers, developers, writers, and seo-ers took McMillan from a dated online presence and into visionary industry leader territory.

McMillan Electric website design responsive view


smart site structure, clear hierarchy, and easy-to-use navigation provides an exacting information architecture.

Website information architecture sitemap
Website ux wireframes


immersive visuals, engaging stats, and targeted user flows create a streamlined and efficient user experience.

McMillan Electric website design


300FeetOut provided every level of creativity, guidance, and accountability required to build and launch our new site. They lead the process with passion and enthusiasm… I couldn’t have asked for a better team!”

— william musgrave, ceo & president, mcmillan electric