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the details.

The Missing Leg is the culmination of over 25 shared years of production and hospitality experience in California’s Central Coast wine industry. Owners, Karl and Heidi Wicka, have witnessed first hand the unbelievable coming of age of Paso Robles as a world renowned wine destination. The Missing Leg creates quality, limited production wines that reveal the secrets learned along their incredible journey.

In creating their brand, 300FeetOut had three goals: To design an evocative brand identity, catch the eye of consumers with a visually recognizable label, and to tell a story—honoring the memory of his father, Ronald Wicka.

While rummaging through a collection of inherited British pub memorabilia, Karl and Heidi stumbled upon a brass casting that depicted an arrangement of 3 horseshoes. The “horse brass” was emblematic of Karl’s father’s favorite pub outside of London, known as The Missing Leg.

The Wickas presented the brass piece to 300FeetOut with the idea of creating a wine label based on the 3 horseshoe arrangement. Feeling that the designs incorporating the original “Missing Leg” emblem were “too rustic” for the sleek new world Pinots and Syrahs that would be the cornerstones of the brand, we had a new, striking concept to present. The simple concept of the letter “M” with one of it’s vertical “legs” missing was a compelling solution the client was not expecting, but immediately clung to. A cutting-edge design of an old brand was born.


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“...The Wickas presented the brass piece to the design firm 300FeetOut where the concept of the letter "M" with one of the vertical "legs" missing was selected. A new version of an old brand was born.”

— Karl & Heidi Wicka, The Missing Leg

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