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the details.

the details.

Pasolivo of Paso Robles, California, presses, bottles, and markets its own olive oil. From the tree to the table, it’s all done organically and sustainably on the farm. Food critics and customers expect an earthy, full-flavored olive oil from the award-winning Pasolivo brand. As the oil’s popularity grew, so did the owners’ desire for a new identity and packaging that reflected those qualities.

300FeetOut had the perfect recipe. We developed a visual identity reminiscent of an olive branch, using fluid lines and colors reminiscent of it’s peppery signature oil and the fruity hues of it’s citrus flavors. We applied the hand lettered logo to all outbound marketing materials, from labels, tins and packaging to nostalgic postcards that visitors can send home after spending a day on the olive ranch. The brand reflects the fruity flavor of the oil and the beauty and serenity of the ranch itself. To streamline our rollout of new products, we then developed a fully custom font based on our hand lettered logo. Thanks to the integrated identity system developed by 300FeetOut, awareness of the Pasolivo brand has moved to the next level: Leading nationally-known specialty retailers have approached the ranch to stock the handcrafted oil on their store shelves.


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Los Angeles International EVOO Packaging Design Award, Gold
Los Angeles International EVOO Packaging Design Award, Silver

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“Our packaging consistently wins awards and we’re convinced our brand doesn’t age. The team at 300FeetOut is fun, professional, and extremely creative!”

— Marisa Bloch, Marketing Manager, Pasolivo

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