personalizing precision oncology


the details.

the details.

Personalis came to us with an exciting challenge. They were ready to enter the clinical oncology space with a groundbreaking product and needed a strategic website experience as robust as the offering.

Our site for Personalis is the unveiling of the new brand and market positioning. The site is built on an in-depth UX strategy that targets three important audiences—Hospital Oncologists, Clinical Researchers, and Biopharma. The new site architecture caters to each audience and the design reflects Personalis’ impact and precision with technology-driven design.


Website Design & Development
Brand Roll-out
Brand Guidelines
Print & Digital Collateral


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Understanding Personalis’ growth and positioning in the genomic sequencing world was key. Learning about their target audience groups and how they’ll use our product was essential. To align the launch of their new website with press announcements, we focused on three target user groups in phase one with plans to expand in phase two.

user focused.

We mapped each user group’s unique flow through the new site and product micro-sites. This strategy informed our information architecture, copywriting and wireframes.

website design.

The new site design is a direct reflection of Personalis’ confident stance in leading the future of oncology. Bold typography reflects the impact Personalis is making with their industry-leading products, while precision line work and subtle animations reflect their advanced technology and insights in personalized cancer testing.

digital development.

With our highly customized hybrid headless WordPress CMS implementation, inspired by Jamstack, Personalis can easily keep content fresh and dynamic. By utilizing a component-based approach, pages can be created swiftly while maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout the site. Our efficient and accessible animations are designed to work seamlessly across various devices, ensuring a focused user experience.


Our AI-powered search integration provides instant and relevant search results of Personalis’ library of data and resources. Users can easily search, filter, and discover a massive variety of content in one place — from news, blogs, events, publications and products, to assets like data sheets, brochures, infographics, posters, video and podcasts.

brand extension + support.

Our continued partnership with Personalis keeps the brand on strong footing and the website performing. Monthly SEO reporting, UX improvements, print + digital collateral and trade show booth designs are just some of the things we’re working on to keep Personalis leading the industry.


“This is a powerful representation of Personalis 3.0. At the beginning of our project we shared our aspiration for someone to see our website and walk away impressed with who we are. This new site accomplishes that and more. We look forward to our continued partnership.”

— Sherry Kan, Personalis VP of Marketing