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Radio Hotel

the details.

the details.

Radio Hotel is a destination defining brand with a special relationship to place, grounding its locale with a new landmark of modern hospitality. They came to 300FeetOut in need of a site that spoke that same visual language.

Visitors to the new site get an immediate vibe. A bold, assured brand with a vibrant vernacular of its locale–its an inviting social center that promotes culture-creators. Locals and travelers will both find a unique experience with wow-worthy and thought-provoking design, food & beverage, and event programming.


Website Design & Development


W3 Award

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We got to know the existing Radio brand, its unique location, and the people involved in its vision. Like your cool older cousin — its bold, assured, authentic, and exudes that easy swagger you admire.

website design.

The new site design is inspired by the hotel’s unique architecture and a direct reflection of its bold and assured sense of self — with a healthy dose of good UX to make your stay easy. While the brand is tuned up a notch, it was our job to make sure the user experience was set to the right frequency. It’s clean, easy, fresh and supportive.

project management.

Working closely with the developer, YoungWoo & Associates, we launched an interactive splash page as the hotel was nearing completion in tandem with building the new site.

digital development.

With our highly customized modular WordPress CMS implementation, we make future site expansion possible. By utilizing our component-based approach, new pages can be created quickly and fresh content can be introduced effortlessly.

maintenance + support.

Our continued partnership with Radio Hotel keeps the content fresh and the website performing. Monthly maintenance, UX improvements, and design + development support help Radio broadcast their message loud and clear.