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the details.

the details.

During harvest, the winemakers at the Villicana Winery capture and ferment the bleed, or “saignée”, of their grapes. Generally, the saignée is turned into a rosé wine or is not used, and therefore drained away. The owners realized that they could use this saignée to create something truly distinct, a vintner’s vodka. The result is less waste, more choice and a unique, local product.

For these vodkas with a vintage year, the owners were looking for a name and a graphic language that captured the distinctiveness of the product, and the sense of a ‘craft distillery’. Through extensive exploration we developed the brand name Re:find, which speaks to the sense of refinement and delight in discovery that the product offers. The graphic language reflected this underground, irreverent, cult-like brand, to create a memorable label for a memorable product.


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“Some winemakers use their saignée for Rosé, or they pour it down the drain, and I just knew there had to be a better use.”

— Alex & Monica Villicana, Villicana Winery

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