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the details.

the details.

Imagine twenty-somethings choosing opera over the latest rock concert. That’s exactly what we had in mind when the San Francisco Opera approached 300FeetOut with the goal of bringing new audiences and single ticket viewers to the opera. In fact, the new advertising campaign, designed by 300FeetOut and launched in conjunction with the opening of the 2003-04 opera season, has made it hip to score opera tickets.

The outdoor, print, and radio campaign features specific opera stories, with visually descriptive narratives for each of the nine operas produced this season. Implemented as a series of striking visuals on the sides of MUNI buses and shelters, they communicate the character of the opera and the mystery unique to each story, including the emotional treachery, deceit, love, and passion. And, at every performance, the cover of the program guide will contain the same visual depiction. With this innovative, original campaign, 300FeetOut is enabling the SF Opera to appeal to a wider audience—and meet its long-term financial goals at the same time.


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