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SF State University

the details.

the details.

Education is the catalyst for change. And change fuels hope. As champions of equity and community inclusion, SFSU envisions a world in which every student is empowered to pursue their educational dreams bravely, confidently and passionately.

To let the world know how much SFSU cares, we established a solid brand platform utilizing a combination of strategic elements already established and new elements derived from research, testing and brand strategy insight. Our focus was on messaging and positioning for the current landscape with an engaging look and feel that would promote consistency, build trust, and encourage brand loyalty.


Brand Foundation
Brand Strategy & Planning
Brand Roll-out
Brand Guidelines
Print & Digital Ads
Commercial TV, Radio & Video
Social Strategy
Campaign Landing Page


W3 Awards
Vega Awards

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through interviews and competitive research we got to know the history, culture, staff, and students at SF State University.

brand foundation.

We went big with purpose, values and messaging that challenged perceptions.

campaign concepts.

Change, big or small, can lead to big results and a better future. And that’s what a student can expect from an SF State education. We explored multiple ways to express the power of change.

campaign validation.

24 students reviewed two campaigns which were rotated to avoid order bias. The winner was clear.

campaign photo + video shoot.

4 months planning. 32+ students. 4 days shooting. fabulous results.

campaign extension.

education is personal and so are the stories we told. each featured story drives from multiple channels to a campaign landing page that takes care of leads.

campaign rollout.

from social media and commercials to bus sides and pole banners, each of the featured students can be seen around San Francisco in advertising that surrounds you today.

commercial spot.

Using real stories of students, faculty, and alumni, our commercial spot demonstrated the many ways SF State is delivering on inclusivity, discovery, access and empowerment.

social shorts.

every student is unique. our social campaign “sofa stories” allowed each student to shine with video shorts from the purple couch.