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the details.

the details.

For more than 20 years Smuin Contemporary American Ballet has pushed beyond the expected with a distinct performance style and impressive repertoire of choreography. 300FeetOut jumped at the challenge to capture Smuin’s charismatic energy and unique blend of drama and delight in their 2017/18 campaign.

The journey began with a brand photoshoot designed to feel as immersive and evocative as the on-stage movement. Inspired by contemporary abstract painting, the direction combined brush stroke fluidity and subtle color hues. Wardrobe matching color gels gently frosted seamless backgrounds for softly blended texture. Poses were intentionally dynamic and strong with moments of both athletic and emotional tension. The end result was a contrast between caught action and quietness of background, which captivates the audience in still life almost as much as the live performance.

The story plays out in campaign collateral from season brochure and posters to digital advertising and social media — celebrating Smuin’s evolving perspective and unabashed transcendence of boundaries.


Photoshoot Art Direction
Print Collateral
Digital Advertising
Environmental Campaign
Collateral Development


2017 Davey Award, Silver

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"In all my years at Smuin, we've never had such a painless and productive relationship and result from a creative agency. Thank you again!! Your team is fabulous!"

— Celia Fushille, Smuin Artistic Director