unleashing a campaign with radiant rhythm

stanford jazz festival

the details.

the details.

For over four decades, Stanford Jazz has been bringing the best jazz performers and educators together with students of all ages. As one of the leading jazz organizations in the world, they have a roster of artists and NEA Jazz Masters that reads like a “Who’s Who” of jazz history. Needing a good shake-up and a new campaign to attract a younger demographic while retaining their core audience, they turned to 300FeetOut.

Capturing the radiant spirit of Stanford Jazz, our new campaign whipped information hierarchy into shape, making an impact with design and enticing the audience to find out more online. Serving two needs with one deed, we made a few strategic decisions that not only served the campaign itself, but the brand behind it. The campaign palette for instance also consolidated and solidified the brand colors. Our new typography direction not only added a dose of maturity to the fun of the campaign, but elevated the perception of the brand by replacing an elementary typeface with a classic that brings linear geometry and order without sacrificing an unmistakably warm and human feel. The final brand element was pure visual creativity. Fluid paint swashes evoke the rhythm of jazz; from the smoothness of a soaring voice to the vibrant notes of a saxophone, and create dynamic movement over artists from the upcoming season. This is where serious jazz comes to have fun.

With the concept, logo, color palette, and typography locked down, we unleashed the new materials with the 2019 lineup. We gave the website a UX overhaul by focusing on pain points for both our clients and the festival goers. Now the hierarchy is clear, CTAs are in-check, and users can cruise the lineup with ease. With design and development collaborating to give the site its new look, we simultaneously created social media ads, out of house adverts, and good old fashioned catalogs, posters, and mailers. Loaded with templates to use in-house for social postings, animated digital banners and print ads, we’ve armed the Stanford Jazz team to tackle the season, along with their very own library of colorful paint swashes.


Logo Development
Print Collateral
Environmental Campaign
Digital Advertising
Content Strategy
UI/UX Design
Content Management System


Davey Award
Creative Communication Award

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a stacked and staggered mark with dynamic movement echoes the rhythm of jazz.


a vibrant campaign color palette and elevated typography work with the logo to create a balance of fun and sophistication.


from season catalogs, posters, and mailers, to out-of-home advertising— the campaign evokes the vibrancy and rhythm of the music. this is where serious jazz comes to have fun.


“working with you and your team is a joy. your communications are clear, your timeframes are realistic, and your turnaround is lickety-split fast.”

— ernie rideout, marketing director stanford jazz


more than a facelift. a better user experience. rejiggered content hierarchy gives users what they need, when they need it. improved navigation tools make browsing the season lineup and getting tickets a cinch.


making users happy. from season lineup and performance details, to summer concert tickets in their pockets.


we armed the stanford jazz team with print, digital, and social media ad templates to tackle the season. and a colorful library of paint swashes to play with, too.