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the details.

the details.

Some of our favorite types of projects are those located in our small San Francisco backyard. The Stern Grove Festival Association is an organization committed to providing the people of the Bay Area with admission-free access to diverse performing arts since 1938, making it the oldest in the United States to do so. From the world famous San Francisco Ballet to local musical groups, enjoying a day watching the stage with friends while relaxing on the grass in the Sigmund Stern Grove, a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, is truly a uniquely homegrown experience.

The association came to 300FeetOut with an interesting challenge — beautiful past campaigns. The dilemma was, while preciously artistic, they were not expressing the true experience of the summer festival. Seeking assistance after campaign fatigue with the direction, Stern Grove turned to 300FeetOut to better communicate that experience.

We rediscovered the roots of the festival by working with the board and reviewing attendee feedback from surveys and focus groups to create a campaign that clearly expresses what it feels like being at the Festival. We put the viewer, feet-up, right into the experience — which is the real joy of the Stern Grove Festival, taking the day to enjoy music with your family and friends. We created a robust print, digital, and environmental campaign to be seen as a series, each with various personas and handwritten phrases that speak directly to their diverse audience. Not only did we deliver a fresh, exciting campaign that met their strategic goals; the Festival has seen increased web traffic and significantly increased social media traffic and engagement, indicating the season campaign is reaching and resonating with a broader audience — and that’s straight from the client!


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"300FeetOut’s team listened, asked questions, observed, evaluated, offered insight, and delivered a fresh, exciting campaign that met our strategic goals..."

— Monica Ware, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

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