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the details.

Since 2004, Third Degree Communications (TDC) has provided training programs designed to enhance the skills of law enforcement, corrections, PR, crisis, and HR department personnel. After years of building a community of trust, with a reputation for a solid foundation of classes and sell-out content that draws students from around the country, the team at TDC decided to update their brand in order to serve the next generation of leaders.

300FeetOut set out to create a refreshed brand and digital tools that reflected the organization’s positioning after years of successful growth. The original brand had served the company well, but it only supported part of what they had to offer and certainly wasn’t reflective of the dynamic leadership personalities and the literal fun that they brought to everything they touched. We helped them venture out by injecting a renewed sense of energy and motivation into a new mark. We completed the rebrand with bold and concise typography and a fresh color palette reflects their humor and candor, while also a nod to familiar law enforcement colors. After the brand uplift, we needed to rebuild their most important tool, the website, to house the updated brand with three easy user paths to navigate content and complete actions.

Not only did we revisit the information architecture and re-wireframe each page for an improved UX, there were multiple backend factors that needed to be kept in mind. TDC still needed to maintain all the bells and whistles of the back-end that they commonly used which had been built up and added to over the past 10 years; admin portal functionality, class listing updates, along with a new, secure payment system. We simplified the forms that prospective students need to fill out to the number of steps it takes to enroll. We engaged in rigorous testing in tandem with the TDC team to make sure that they had the parts of the old site they loved and needed, along with the upgrades afforded by building on the latest technology.

The outcome is a new brand and website that better represents the people who make TDC the success it’s become. From students to staff, to prospective instructors, they now have a modern website that’s functional, clean, and efficient — seeing them into their future growth and supporting their new business strategy.


Brand Visual Identity and Expression
Brand Foundation Building
Brand Guidelines
IA/UI/UX Website Design
Custom Responsive Website Development
Content Management System
Content Strategy


Vega Award


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we pinpointed the dynamic brand personality and the fun that third degree brings to everything they touch.


the new logo mark injects a renewed sense of energy and motivation into the brand, while supporting a wider array of its new offerings.


“grand slam! you guys not only hit it out of the park, it was a walk-off game winner in extra innings.”

— paul francois, co-founder, third degree communications


our design + development of the TDC site offers students, staff, and prospective instructors an improved UX with a modern website that’s functional, clean, and efficient.


improved information architecture provides a better UX, while maintaining the bells & whistles of the back-end system they commonly used.


simplified forms and fewer steps make it easy for prospective students to enroll.


the new brand and website better represents the people who make TDC the success it’s become, while supporting their future growth and goals.