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the details.

When Monotype purchased The FontShop, they also took over the Typo International Design Talks conference. Once again, 300FeetOut stepped up to the plate to brand the conference. Given a single word, “Focus”, we created a personable campaign that was friendly and fun yet provoked engagement.

Focus permeates the design world and is constantly shifting. No matter if you’re pushing pixels, kerning type, adjusting CSS, or following up with clients; your focus is a vital part of the process of creating and is unique to you. Your eyes are an expression of your particular focus. Are you a print designer who moonlights as a front end developer? Did you put off reading the client brief until 5 minutes before you sat in for the kickoff? Are you a developer rocking that project until 2am? Every person counts and every person has their own focus.


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“When 300FeetOut set out to brand the 2015 TYPO San Francisco International Design Conference, they knew they had to be at the top of their game. Luckily for all, they didn’t disappoint.”

— Joannie Corrales, VMA Storyboard Editor

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