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the details.

the details.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” That’s the spirit behind the Walt Disney Family Museum, devoted to the visionary who spoke those words and proved them true. Housed in San Francisco’s Presidio, the Disney family’s private collections showcase how creativity and innovation change the world.

Not to be fooled by it’s historic red brick facade, inside, visitors marvel a powerhouse of technology, innovation and high-tech interactivity. This is what the museum needed to convey to the public. 300FeetOut embraced the two, old and new, creating a site true to it’s roots. Warm brickwork and hardwood floors offer a ‘sense of place’, juxtaposed with clean design, modern technology and interactive components derived from it’s own innovative interior. The technology supporting the site is as impressive as the design with slick admin interfaces, based on open source software with a high level of customization and a robust content management system.

Rather than use a simple search, users are encouraged to “EXPLORE” and interact with a rich database of filtered imagery, video, audio and storytelling. Interactive sneak peeks of the galleries, a lively calendar of events, customized blog and e-commerce store all offer visitors a unified brand experience. An interactive timeline invites users to explore Walt’s life from heading West to Hollywoodland, to a famous train ride where Walt had an idea of a mouse he named Mortimer, to which his wife Lilly said “I don’t think that would be good for a mouse’s name. Let’s call it Mickey.”


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HSMAI Adrian Award
Communicator Award

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