2013 is a wrap!

December 24, 2013

written by
Bri Martinez

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every one of our amazing clients and friends!

The year has been full of wonderful memories for all of us here at 300FeetOut and we wanted to share a selection of those reflections with you all as we prepare to close down the office until January 2.

“My favorite part of the year was having the opportunity to work more closely with our clients. I enjoyed attending rehearsals and performances with the San Francisco Ballet, meeting and dining with Culina Modern Italian at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, and visiting Halekulani in Hawaii to kick off our web development project that will continue into 2014. It’s awesome bringing all that hands-on experience and inspiration back into the studio!”

“I went on a solo road trip to the Canadian Rockies a week after my birthday. So many ‘firsts’ happened during that trip: driving across the border, meeting new people from different countries, staying at a motel that seemed to be straight out of a scary movie (including having someone knock on the wall during the middle of the night). I’m proud of what I did, especially because I did it all on my own (with some help from kind people along the way).”

“I purchased 300FeetOut and took over as CEO in January. We had an incredible year doing some work we are really proud of. We took some risks, reaped rewards, and look forward to continuing that trend into next year.”

“300FeetOut went bowling for our Holiday Party. It involved ‘designing’ some ‘stylish’ ways to bowl…”

“My sister-in-law tells me that 2013 was ‘my year’ and I’m inclined to believe her! I moved 2,000 miles across the country, lucked out and found housing with my friend in San Francisco, started working at 300FeetOut, and had an all-around banner year! I’m loving the work I get to be involved in at 300FeetOut and can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store.”

“2013 included a lot of firsts. I learned how to surf, thanks for our wonderful clients, Halekulani, and Anthony, the most patient surf-instructor on the planet. I also saw my short film move from script to screen. It was a year full of changes that I would have never predicted, and a year that proved that every now and then, life has a surprise waiting for us all.”

“I bought a home, lost 20 pounds, got two kittens, and a haircut!”

“My favorite project was with the San Francisco Ballet. Aside from the hard work, we also had an excuse to dress fancy for the 2013 Repertory Season Program 5 and the 2013 Nutcracker. During the discovery/inspiration phase, we were able to attend the SF Ballet company class viewing at the War Memorial Opera House. It’s always fun to go behind the scenes and observe the dancers of a company class in action.”

From everyone here at 300FeetOut, here’s hoping for a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year for you and yours!

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