300FeetOut’s favorite holiday movies

December 24, 2020

written by
Bri Martinez

It’s getting colder outside. Pandemic is still here. You’re (hopefully) social distancing from large family gatherings this holiday season. What are you supposed to do? Binge watch holiday movies of course! Check out our team’s favorite must-watch holiday movies to round out 2020.


Nightmare Before Christmas. For those who still have their Halloween candy.



Die Hard. For people who like to debate whether or not this is a Christmas movie.



Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. For those who like a live action twist on a classic.


Miracle on 34th Street. For those who were born when their dad was watching it, so it becomes a holiday tradition.



Santa’s Slay. For those who need a super campy holiday movie with an all-Jewish cast (we couldn’t find a gif to accurately represent what’s in this).



Trading Places. For those who love 80s holiday movies.


Batman Returns. For those who are arguing with the Die Hard fans.


It’s a Wonderful Life. For those who need an all-time classic.


Gremlins. For those who love practical effect monsters.



A Charlie Brown Christmas. For those whose dog went commercial this year.