3FO Holiday Movie Marathon Guide

December 14, 2022

written by
Ariana Yabrow

We are in the midst of the holiday season, friends. That means more time to catch up on some cozy throwbacks and maybe that flick you just never had time for this year. Team 3FO has some favorites for you and your loved ones to share. Whether it’s for nostalgia, masterful animation, clever storytelling, or an artfully unique opening sequence—we’ve got you covered with this list.


10. how the grinch stole christmas (1966)

“You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” Voiced by Frankenstein’s Boris Karloff and animated by Looney Tunes’s Chuck Joss, the Grinch’s antics in Whoville are the backbone of holiday classics.


9. gremlins (1984)

What’s better than Gizmo giving bubbling birth to mischief this holiday season?


8. a charlie brown christmas

Good grief. We can’t create a holiday movie list without this one. Join Charlie Brown as his friend Linus teaches him the real meaning of the holiday.


7. the nightmare before christmas

Yes Halloween has passed, but Christmas has not. Only Tim Burton’s masterful work could conjure up a Christmas this creepy.


6. miracle on 34th street (1947)

Classic New York City with Santa on trial. Plus our Art Director was born half way through this movie on Christmas Day.


5. scrooged (1988)

Who needs to right some wrongs this season? Bill Murray is an arrogant and thoughtless TV exec haunted by three spirits bearing lessons and a chance to re-evaluate his actions.


4. die hard

It’s one of the most iconic and hotly debated Christmas movies in the last 40 years – how can you go wrong with Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman spreading mayhem and chaos?


3. home alone (1990)

It’s been 32 years since Kevin McCallister was first forgotten by his family and forced to battle a couple of dimwit thieves. Feel old yet?


2. falling for christmas

She’s baaaaaaaaaack! Playing an entitled, hotel mogul’s daughter who gets amnesia due to a skiing accident, Lindsay Lohan must rediscover that Christmas spirit, find love, and hopefully come one step closer to that Mean Girls sequel.


1. the white lotus (season 2)

You weren’t expecting to see this here, were you? We can’t get enough of this opening sequence art and score. Did you know the haunting theme track was originally meant for Kanye West? If you’ve seen all the memes but haven’t watched the show yet—now’s the perfect time to catch up! Start with Season 1 in Hawaii, or jet set to Italy for Season 2.


The holiday’s are about being with those that mean the most to you. Get cozy. Share some popcorn this holiday season!