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5 UX videos you need to watch

December 17, 2019

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa


1. UX design – what is it?!

First things first. We hear it everywhere these days, but what the heck is UX? AJ digs through some of our local Silicon Valley job postings to see how they’re labeling talent.


2. meet a team of UX’ers.

Now that you know what it is – meet some of the people that contribute to the user experience team at Google.


3. UX design process.

Research, wireframes, user tests, personas, user problems, brand goals — the list goes on. Here are the 6 stages of the UX design process by InVision.


4. fail!

If failure is the key to success, get up and try again! Iterating new UX strategies involves taking risks based off your UX research. If it works for Google, it doesn’t always mean it’ll work for your users. But it doesn’t hurt to learn trying.


5. the ux of ai.

Now that you’ve mastered UX, you’re ready to take on the future. The future is AI, and even this technology will need user experience thinking to empower all of us. If you know me well, you know I love any documentary I can get my eyes on. Here’s a good one I’ve been working on the past few nights.

(Disclaimer: This one’s not for work unless you can pull it off as research! 🍿)