accessible websites for all

July 20, 2021

written by
Rex Vokey

As more and more people are shifting their work and other activities online, the importance of making sure your websites can be accessed by everyone exponentially increases. The big question is what is accessibility and why does it matter so much?

what is accessibility?

It is making sure that your website is usable by everyone, that includes those with disabilities, slow connections, and using mobile devices.

why is it important?

It ensures that more people can gain access to your website and improves their overall experience.

here are some quick ways you can make your website more accessible: 

  1. add alt tags to your images – depending on the type of technology you are using for your website, it should have an option to add alt text when adding new images to your Media gallery. This not only helps those who use screen readers to access your site, but is great for SEO.
  2. use subtitles or closed captioning on videos – to make sure the amazing videos you have upload get their message across, adding subtitles or closed captioning to your video. This way even if they cannot listen to the video at that time, they can still get value from the video by the subtitles that you provide.
  3. use fewer third-party trackers, if possible – not everyone has the best internet speeds, by having too many marketing trackers on your page, you could be losing more traffic than you know to your page. We have a great case study here that shows how marketing trackers and pixels can affect your website speed.

By ensuring websites are accessible for all, we can make sure that everyone has a great experience when visiting your website.