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raw art at ruby skye

November 4, 2015

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

Late October, RAW Art hosted another show at Ruby Skye, San Francisco. The event took over both the first and second floor of the venue, including the stage where  local music acts performed. The cool thing about an event like RAW is that you’re exposed to many artists that express themselves in a variety of mediums. You’ve got musicians, performing artists, painters, jewelry makers, make up artists, fashion designers—the list goes on. It’s a very enriching and refreshing experience to see everyone flexing their creative muscles in an environment that permits it, and to help them try to get their work off the ground and make new connections with others—artists and viewers alike.


Not without a drink in hand, our team took off to explore the art displayed all around us. First stop for our design intern, Bri, was at a jewelry maker’s booth. It was great getting to know the maker, who is otherwise known as Ruby Dee. She had started out working at a jewelry shop on Haight Street until a woman came into the shop and offered her an apprenticeship in making jewelry from hand. Seven years later, she’s done just that and is now running an etsy shop while working as an x-ray technician. Ruby was a lovely person to talk to and to meet, and Bri didn’t leave her booth before buying some bracelets and awesome earrings with little skulls on them (festive for October!).


As Bri turned around, ready to continue the venture, the first thing that caught her eye was a plate full of cheesecake on a table. This is a wonderful incentive to get people to come over to your table! Initially, she was going to grab a piece and continue wandering around to look, but the artwork caught her eye and she had to stay to look at it all.


The artist’s name was Carina Lomeli, and she was originally from Michoacan, Mexico. She had moved to the city to pursue fine art, and after graduating school, she involved herself in various organizations that influenced her work. Much of the work being showcased by Carina was a portrayal of her experiences living in San Francisco. All of her work was done in various formats (oils, pen and ink, charcoal, etc.), and when asked which medium she preferred the most, she paused and said “That’s a really tough question!”. After some thought, she said that right now, doing pointillism with pen and ink is currently a favorite method. “With pen and ink, it’s harder to cover up your mistakes. If I mess up, I have to find a way to adjust it so it works with what I’m drawing. Once I get into it though, it becomes really meditative and I just get lost in it.”


RAW Art can offer a lot of great interactions with artists, and everyone has a very unique and different story as to how and why they ended up at the show. We highly recommend checking out at least one of many shows that go on throughout the year. And if you don’t live in San Francisco? Not to worry! RAW hosts their event all around the country all the time.


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