ceo trip: otakon convention

August 15, 2013

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

Our CEO took a nice long weekend and headed out east to Baltimore for the Otakon convention. Otakon is in it’s 20th year and for three days, we celebrate the pop culture that’s brought us everything from Astro Boy to Yu-Gi-Oh, from Seven Samurai to Spirited Away via panels, live action, and, of course, anime.

The first day was all about acclimation after the red eye flight. A trip to the National Aquarium was topped off with a dolphin training demonstration and then a traditional stop for our CEO at Max’s Taproom in Fells Point. So many great beers, so little time…

Overall, the weekend was a whirlwind three days of anime viewing, live action events, panels and the inevitable cosplay that abounds at cons. Throw in trips for food such as a half rack of ribs and sides at the Kommie Pig and a crab feast (literally crab pizza, crab mac and cheese, and a crab sandwich) at the Pratt Street Ale House where they had not only one, but 4 beers on hand pump (beer geeks love this).

She finished it all off on Sunday with a brief stop before the airport in Christina DE to watch a flat track roller derby bout.

Now she’s planning next weekend. Anyone want to join?

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