it’s not what you think it is

October 19, 2018

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

october is cyber security month!

Are you safe? are you prepared? are you… scared? Don’t be. With a little preparation you can prevent the majority of attacks.

The City of San Francisco takes cyber security very seriously. We worked with them to create a series of awareness posters and we’ll be sharing some of our favorite concepts with you this month.

Most of the frequently used cyber security jargon is still unknown to the average user. This concept grabs your attention with bold headlines referencing this nomenclature, then encourages you to learn more by warning “It’s not what you think it is”. What do you think of when you hear the words “keystroke logger”, “spear phishing”, and “ransomware”?

(check out our other Cyber Security concept posted last week, here!)




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