a dinner date with culina

October 4, 2013

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

It’s one thing to say we have great clients. It’s another when the client is Culina, Modern Italian at The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

300FeetOut collaborated with Culina’s architects, chefs and management staff to create a website experience that underscores why Culina, Modern Italian is a standout dining destination – and by no means just another “hotel restaurant.” After a successful launch followed by a lasting relationship, the tables were turned when we found ourselves in LA on a date with Culina. A beautiful night called for outdoor dining (a difficult decision) following a tour of the venue’s interior space — boasting stunning decor complete with LA’s first crudo bar, top-notch finishes, and an AMAZING chandelier of glass orbs from the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, out in the patio, we were seated in a Mediterranean-California garden beside a warm floating fire, a living succulent wall and a waterfall that doubles as a “screen” with black & white classic films projected on its cascading falls. We’re talking ambiance here.

In the kitchen, Chef Mette Williams worked her magic. We started our memorable meal with the Pesche Bianche (grilled nectarines, burrata, proesecco gelee, marcona almonds, proscuitto and basil). They had us at starter. Next came the Polpette (mouthwatering meatballs) and our main course was the house-made Pappardelle with lobster in a brown butter sauce, summer squash and petite onions. RIDICULOUSLY GOOD.

Between the dishes some cocktails were poured, including an extremely tasty barrel aged Negroni (not too bitter, and smooth with some rye whiskey). We had three. Maybe four.

The service was welcoming and thoughtful, the ambience beautiful, and the food impeccable. If you find yourself in LA, visit Culina, Modern Italian — and tell them 300FeetOut sent you!







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