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favorite ways to spice up working remotely

April 15, 2022

written by
Bri Martinez

One of my favorite things about working remotely is being able to be home more often. On the flip side, I can’t wait for the weekend to come so I can get out of the house after being inside more than 40 hours a week. Yes, there are obligations like 4-hour meeting days or needing a bigger screen to work on during those sprint weeks. However, sometimes you just need to break the monotony; and since I’ve recently moved, I wanted to take the opportunity to get to know the area as well. So here are a few ways to make working remotely fun (or more fun if you already like it!)


get a standing desk (or just change your environment!)

Other than health reasons of not sitting in a chair all day, a standing desk can really do a lot to help break the monotony of being in front of the screen. It’s just a small change, but when I spend half of my time standing and the other half sitting, it just makes working on the computer a lot more bearable for me. Not to mention it gives me the opportunity to be more mindful of my posture.

If you don’t have a desk, that’s okay! Sometimes just changing and manipulating your position can be a great opportunity. Use a yoga block, a pillow, or a bosu ball. Switch it up for fun, your body will thank you later.


move around your home

If you have the ability to, sometimes something as little as switching rooms can really work wonders for me. During the harsher seasons like the summer (I don’t have a/c in my home), going downstairs and working in the living room (or in a cute little breakfast nook that I like to call the gay room) can really benefit me when it comes to just “changing it up”.


brave your favorite local coffee shop for a few hours

I live in Portland, OR. So there is no shortage of local coffee shops around me. If I know I don’t have a lot of meetings planned, I’ll pick a day every once in a while to go spend a few hours at a local coffee spot. A few of my favorites are Honey Latte Cafe which has amazingly large community tables built for laptop use, and are dog friendly; 4th Wall PDX, who are pretty new and it’s always really quiet in there because they play movies all day on a giant projector; and Purringtons Cat Lounge, which is exactly what it sounds like: really good coffee, and a bunch of adorable, adoptable kitties!

work with friends!

Occasionally, I double up with friends who were also working remotely. The camaraderie can really help with jamming out on things. Now that I’m also not the only one up here at 300FeetOut, it’s nice to occasionally meet up with my coworkers at a coffee shop and grab lunch together. However, my introverted nature is very content with a remote work environment, so it’s always nice to be at home to recharge after socializing.


Hopefully, these tips can inspire you to change it up at home if you’re feeling stuck! How do you spice things up in a remote environment?