painting of dogs playing cards

the furry friends of 300FeetOut: part 1

August 28, 2018

written by
Bri Martinez

In our world, people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the creatives, who make things come alive; and the pets, who inspire them. Today the 300FeetOut team jumps into getting to know our developer Justin’s furry companions.




Ivy is a 5 year old Corgi with a heart of gold and a head full of rocks. She is the quintessential dumb and happy dog. She hasn’t quite learned how to play fetch, but she’s quick to plop her head down on you when you’re blue. Or when you’re working. Or when you’re sleeping.

Ivy loves to be the center of attention and is well known in the studios for appearing in video calls, plopping herself in front of the camera for maximum focus. In her spare time, this star of screen and stage enjoys short walks, biting her sister’s tail. and barking at pretty much everything.



Willow is also a 5 year old corgi, the quieter sister of famous bronze screen actress, Ivy. A much more serious woman than her sister, she spends most of her days training to face the squirrel menace. Patrolling her backyard, sprinting after birds, and encouraging humans to play fetch every chance she gets.

When she’s not training she’s trying to keep her sister in shape and exercised by coaxing Ivy into chases. Rolling onto her back and booping Ivy in the nose never seems to fail. And while she may be aloof and a serious working dog, when she does finally slow down to enjoy the belly rubs and ear scritches, she appreciates them that much more.