grab their attention with your next email newsletter

April 11, 2022

written by
Rex Vokey

Email marketing is still a great way to connect. It is one of the few forms of marketing that allows you to have complete ownership and directly communicate with your audience to get instant feedback on what interests them.

The sad thing is many do not take advantage of this form of marketing. Or they do it in a way that causes their subscribers to become uninterested and quickly click the unsubscribe button.

To help you step up your email marketing game, let’s look at a few ways you can use your next email newsletter to better connect with your audience.

1. always provide value 

With every email, you want to have a purpose connected with it. It should be more than just promoting your company, but also helping them solve a problem they might be facing.

This is a great way to show off some content you might already have or inspire future content that will be useful to your audience.

So before you press send on your next newsletter, be sure to ask yourself ‘How will this help my target audience?

2. show off your amazing team

Getting to know more about the companies that you follow is more important now than ever. People want to feel connected and feel like they know the people they follow.

A great way to better connect is to feature a member of your team or even the CEO. Knowing more about the team members that work within a company allows people to be more willing to pay more attention to your company.

Other ways are to show off your team accomplishments (awards, etc), fun initiatives or goals your team has, or even

3. engage with them 

Emails can be a great way to engage on a more personal level with your audience. This can be done by encouraging them to reply to a question or by having a call to action that has the goal to interact further with them.

You can do this by using quizzes, surveys, challenges, or having them sign up for a webinar so they are able to interact with you. This helps improve their trust in your company and more comfortable turning to you to solve their problem.

4. looks do matter 

Your email newsletter is a great way to show off your brand. Make sure to use the same tone of voice and imagery that you use throughout your brand (website, social, etc).

This helps your audience to get more familiar with your brand and be able to easily identify it in the mass of emails they might receive.

Check that your newsletter looks good both on desktop and mobile so that your audience will not lose out on any of the information. Be sure good use of A/B testing to help with figuring out the best way to layout your content and call to action.

We hope these tips will help you to spice up your next email newsletter. Use email to get to know your audience and let them get to know your company as well.

We would love to know, how do you use your newsletter to connect with your audience?