how to do marketing with no money

December 24, 2020

written by
Barbara O Stephenson

If you have zero budget, you’ve got to be wondering how you start to drive marketing for your business. It’s going to take time and creativity. Let’s start by making things into small digestible chunks.

  1. Understand your business. Why do people come to you and what problem do you solve? Do you sell small moments of pleasure for people who are looking for unique gifts? Do you run an online class? Do you help people feel better about themselves? 
  2. Create keywords. Take #1 and create 3 to 5 word keyword phrases that represent you. A keyword like “gifts” is probably on 60,000 other websites. So you want to combine it with other words to create a keyword phrase “unique gifts for father in law” to narrow it down
  3. Verify your work. Double check that people are actually searching for those keywords by using google search bar. If you see it come up as a suggestion, then people are using it.
  4. Create marketing accounts. It’s free to set up on twitter, linked in, pinterest ,instagram, facebook, mailchimp, google local, yelp, etc.  List your information with as much detail as you want. The more you do the better but it’s not worth your sanity to go 100% complete if you don’t know what you’re doing. 
  5. Create a content calendar. Here’s a link to our sample templates. Make sure that you plan to post at least once a week on social and once a month via email. 
  6. Start posting your marketing on those accounts using your keywords and driving to your home on the web be that your website, Etsy page, ecommerce shop, yelp page – wherever you set up shop. Don’t steal images, people own those. Either take your own or use something free from Stock

bonus suggestion

You can also sign up for a 7 day trial keyword selector that will help you narrow it down like wordtracker. It shows more information like search volume.