importance of secure passwords

May 27, 2021

written by
Rex Vokey

As the world continues to rely on the web to provide for our everyday needs, this means it has become even easier to have your precious information exposed. In order to protect yourself and your information, you need to ensure that you have not only secure passwords, but also that they will not easily be used by others.

Here are some ways to protect your online information:

1. do not use the same password more than once

In the case one of your passwords are exposed, avoid multiple sites being accessed due to using the same password over and over again

2. use strong passwords

This could be including special characters, numbers, and a mix of capital and lowercase letters in your passwords, or using pass phrases – check out this post by xkcd

3. do not share passwords via email or text

With so many scammers out in the world, these are the most used methods to gather information. So be sure to use other means to share passwords when necessary.

4. use 2-step verification

For most websites that hold important information, 2 step verification can be activated in order to ensure that you can be alerted when trying to sign in to your accounts. This is a great way to catch if someone is possibly trying to access your account.


With all of the many passwords we have to remember, what is a good way to keep track and ensure you are using secure passwords. The best method is using a password manager, these will keep track of all your passwords, ensure you are using your passwords are strong, and that you are not using the same passwords on multiple sites.

some password manager recommendations: