keeping up with technology and design

September 21, 2021

written by
Rex Vokey

Keeping up with changes in technology can be hard. Especially with all the new tools and software are being created every on the daily. Luckily, there is a way to stay up to date and on trend, YouTube!

Here are 4 YouTubers that I use to keep my technology and design trends trends fresh.

  1. DesignCourse
    Looking to take your UI design to the next level?  Follow Gary Simon for some great tips. He also shares tutorials on how to use Javascript to create more interactivity. One of his latest videos, Creating Color Schemes EASILY: The Tint/Shade Method, shows how to easily make a color palette by just using tint and shade of colors. This is helpful to ensure that your colors not only stay on brand but also that your color contrast is accessible for readability, aka accessibility and being inclusive of all users.
  2. Kevin Powell
    Kevin is known as the CSS King on YouTube. He always keeps his audience up to date on new ways to use CSS and makes it seems a little less intimidating. He gives great tips, like this video, Simple solutions to responsive typography, showing easy ways to make sure that your text stays responsive no matter what screen size. This way the user’s experience will continue to be a great one, no matter what device they use.
  3. Traversy Media
    This channel is full of great tutorials that show how to use all the latest and greatest tech with some sage advice on how to that balance that programmer life. Traversey Media is hands-on and shows practical uses of new tools. His video, Create a Website With Video Background, which I feel a lot of websites use, shows a method that can be used to create this feature without affecting the overall performance of the site.
  4. Web Dev Simplified
    This is a channel I discovered recently. It takes a different approach to traditional programming methods, resulting in tutorials that are easy to take in. He teaches better ways to use JavaScript and then how to use it in different ways. He shows a popular content load animation that is used on many frequently visited websites like Facebook, How To Create Skeleton Loading Animation. It’s super helpful to inform users when content on the page is loading and is a better user experience than just showing a blank page.

It is great to be able to stay on the front end of development through these resources. Happy Learning!