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mobile indexing strikes again

September 19, 2018

written by
Bri Martinez

google’s “mobile-first” initiative.

Now– more than ever before – your website needs to be optimized for mobile. Google’s “mobile-first” initiative has been rolling out this year. It means that Google will be baselining the way it ranks your website by first looking at the mobile version of your website. A lack of a mobile-friendly experience for your visitors may negatively impact your site’s ranking in Google’s search engine results pages. In other words, Google now looks at the mobile version of your website as the primary version of your website.

What Google is looking for in a mobile-friendly site:


  • Load time – The faster your mobile site loads, the better.
  • Content formatted for mobile screens – Text which is hard to read may be discounted by Google
  • Social metadata – OpenGraph tagging
  • If your mobile site is separate from your desktop site:
    • Equivalent metadata for desktop and mobile sites
    • Verify both sites on Google Search Console

Not to worry! All current sites built by 300FeetOut are compliant or can be made compliant with Google’s “Mobile-first” initiative.