new year, new brand?

January 19, 2023

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

Why it may or may not be time for a rebrand or a brand refresh in 2023.

Let’s start with some simple yes or nos:

1. Have your products and services evolved?

2. Has your target audience changed?

3. Does your current branding convey the right message to the wrong people? Or the wrong message to the right people?

4. Noticed a dip in market share or looking to improve your competitive position?

5. Does your current look and feel reflect a trend but not what differentiates you with your competitors?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then a fresh take on your brand strategy this new year is a smart move. You know who to call. If you’ve answered no to all of the above, go you! Save your budget for 2024. Our world is constantly changing, industries and audiences are adjusting to new not-normals, and it’s anyone’s guess what comes next. You should be asking yourself these questions often.

When thinking about your brand, remind yourself it’s not all about looks. A strong, impactful and lasting brand is built upon a foundation that goes much deeper.

Deeply understanding and living by your brand’s purpose, personality, and values will naturally connect you to your audience — no pomp and trendy circumstances needed.

Connecting brands with people is simply building a relationship. Today’s audiences are in search of emotional connections with the products and experiences they purchase. You must understand your brand’s soul, appreciate what makes you different, know who the like-minded people are, and present your authentic self in all the right places.

More on that in our next brand post.