our favorite app: rando

July 16, 2013

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

Here at 300FeetOut, we’ve fallen in love with this new app, RANDO. It’s a really simple photo app (remember how Instagram used to be?) that takes pictures and crops them into a circle.

Download RANDO here

Here’s the cool part: you take a “rando” and then push the yellow button. Your “rando” is uploaded and sent randomly somewhere in the world to another RANDO app user.

We’ve seen our randos go to: Seoul, Sao Paulo, Paris, Moscow, Vienna. And closer to home: San Francisco, San Jose, Texas, Virginia, Maine and more. And since you’ve given a “rando”, you now get to receive one. We’ve received “randos” from: Russia, Jordan, Tunis, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Iceland and further.

It’s so simple, it’s infectious.

Check out our Randos we’ve sent Pinterest board and it’s companion, Randos we’ve received.





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