the perfectly-designed thanksgiving meal

November 27, 2013

written by
Bri Martinez

We asked the 300FeetOut team to share with us how they would design their perfect Thanksgiving meal. Here are a few of the responses we received:

“All-you-can-eat Taiwanese buffet!”

“I’d have only white turkey meat, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries, and bread pudding with bourbon sauce for dessert. There would be no vegetables. Actually, I couldn’t care less about eating the food on Thanksgiving; I just want the sandwich the next day.”

“Thanksgiving? This year, I’m opting for a juice cleanse. Mmm, kale smoothies for everyone!”

“With a big Italian family, we make the turkey and all the trimmings, but we also make homemade gnocchi and pumpkin ravioli. I usually skip the turkey and head straight for the pasta. So my perfect Thanksgiving would only involve the Italian carbs and for dessert, I want a liquor-filled pie. My dear friend, Sandy, makes a killer Bacon Bourbon Pecan Pie that was recently highlighted at Blurb’s inaugural Food/Book Fair. I want that!”

“Chocolate fudge! (Shameless self-promotion!)”

“As a vegetarian who has always lived with meat-eaters, my perfect Thanksgiving meal would involve no meat at all. I’d make my favorite Portobello Mushroom Wellingtons, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, a nice Autumn salad with brussels sprouts and cranberries, my grandma’s butterhorns, and an entire pumpkin pie just for me!”

“I love the super-traditional Thanksgiving dinner where I eat all the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, and pie until I pass out on the couch watching football with my belt unbuckled.”


Cover photo credit: Sandy Kwan, fancyfoodfancy


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