project spotlight: arbor

December 2, 2020

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

ever wonder what it’s like building a brand during a pandemic?

Let’s get real — if it didn’t go well you know we wouldn’t be showing it here. But we did learn a lot about patience, flexibility, and our own teams agility during a time our lives and our clients business was changing by the day, some of those days even by the hour. We’re proud of our work leading The Absinthe Group through a pandemic with the launch of their new restaurant concept Arbor. We’re not only proud of our brand work, but how the brand stood unwavering even through a devastating blow to the hospitality industry when many restaurants were forced to close their doors, let alone opening new ones.


“working with 300FeetOut was a dream! they were able to work diligently and patiently on our projects and we are SO happy with the results. it allowed us to have a functioning business even amidst a pandemic.”


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