Recipe for a Perfect Thanksgiving: Turkey, Tidbits, and a Ton of Thanks!

November 21, 2023

written by
Mari Aipa

With Turkey Day around the corner, the 300FeetOut team has been musing about how lucky we feel for turkey, traditions, and… well, us. So, we nudged our team into spilling the beans (or should we say cranberry sauce?) on their Thanksgiving faves and thank-yous. Brace yourselves for a blend of quirky confessions and unfiltered gratitude!

Steph F: “I love to whip up extraordinary dishes for the people I care about. Grateful? You bet! For a life that’s as full-flavored as my dishes and for friends, family, and colleagues that live life on purpose.”

Mia: “Give me family gatherings and a feast any day. This year, I’m extra thankful for my friends and family.  Let the good times roll.”

Greg: “It’s all about that big, loud Italian family dinner. Grateful? For the same noisy bunch. We’re like fine wine – better with every chaotic Thanksgiving.”

Rex: “Pass me the food and the people I love. Grateful for the family, friends, and those majestic mountains.”

Forrest: “Mashed potatoes and seeing fam is my Thanksgiving jam. And grateful? For family, friends, my gig here, and Lana Del Rey!”

Ari: “Thanksgiving’s all about bonding with friends and family, and let’s not forget, sampling everyone’s culinary experiments. This year, I’m grateful for the successes that have sprinkled joy in the lives of my loved ones.”

Barbara: “Here for the after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches. Grateful? That we’re all here, sane (mostly), and ready to spend time together.”

So, there you have it – our team’s Thanksgiving tell-all. At 300FeetOut, we’re more than just savvy designers and creative peeps; we’re a quirky bunch, grateful for every crazy, chaotic, and captivating moment shared with you, our clients and colleagues.

This Thanksgiving, we’re raising a glass (or a turkey leg) to you. Thanks for keeping it real with us, for the endless support, and for joining us on this wild ride.

Now, go enjoy that turkey (or tofu, no judgment), and remember, it’s not just about the food – it’s about the people you avoid all year but still love to see on Thanksgiving. Cheers!