the 300FeetOut remote worker hiring process

December 11, 2020

written by
Rex Vokey

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I joined the 300FeetOut team in 2020 during the pandemic. I’ve been working in the technical field for some time, but this is my first “real” position as a fully-fledged web developer. Having lived in Japan for almost 2 years while immersing myself in the language and culture, I met a lot of people that helped me grow as a person and figure out what I wanted to do. Fast forward to the present, I had recently finished an online coding school to help me learn to program from the ground up.


round 1.

Let me tell you, it’s no lie. Finding a job during these current circumstances can be tough, especially because people are not willing to hire those with less experience, no matter how good you are. I went through many interviews, mostly for remote work, and it was indeed a struggle. When I applied to 300FeetOut, the interview process was unexpected.

It started out like any other job interview, I talked about myself and why I applied. In turn, I learned more about 300FeetOut from the Technology Director, Rex Vokey. It was a pretty relaxing interview, just a nice get-to-know-you talk.


round 2.

The second round was more technical but it was not what I thought it would be. Most companies want to test you right away on your knowledge of different coding languages. At 300FeetOut, I was instead given the chance to share what I had built and explain the details of my code to show my knowledge. It was very refreshing to have more of a discussion about code rather than being stressfully timed to solve algorithms that will never be used on the job.


round 3.

After this was a coding challenge to build and later go over in more detail with the entire Development team. I’ll admit this part was a little nerve-racking since I had been through so many coding challenges, but I liked that they gave great critiques and even complimented me for doing something extra in this third step.


home stretch.

Lastly before I was hired, we did a video call with the entire 3FO team to get to know them all better. This was with the developers, management operations, and the design team.

Working remotely can indeed be challenging, especially having team members being located in different places. However, I think as long as you have a great collaborative group that is passionate about their work it can make working together seamless. Active communication is key and making time to spend time together for a few minutes out of the day can make you feel like you are all working in the same room.

Overall, I enjoyed my interview process with 300FeetOut and I’m glad to be here!