Useful Video Call Backgrounds

November 23, 2021

written by
Joren Mathews

Working from home doesn’t give your coworkers as many opportunities to really get to know you as when you’re around a physical water cooler. How do they know you need a sweat pants day or 6 cups of coffee and some aspirin? Here are some ideas for increasing that important, unspoken, human-to-human connection.

1. The underwater shipwreck.

A good option to subtly signal to your bosses that you’re deep underwater on your tasks.


2. The burning house

When you’re not sure whether you’re going to end your suffering in a cleansing inferno or burn down your office in revenge for the 4th unrealistic deadline of the month.


3. The train wreck

A project is only cruising along smoothly until it isn’t. Sometimes it’s necessary to remind your coworkers just how thin the line is between success and disaster.


4. The bomb

When you like to push a big commit to production before leaving for the day.


5. The Jan 6th

When you live in California and would like some time off work. Alternately, when you live in Texas and are pushing for that big promotion.


6. The messy room

When your room is a disaster, so you cover it up with someone else’s room and pretend it’s a joke.


7. The anime

When you’re a developer lacking social instincts and inadvertently confirm all your coworkers suspicions.


Clearly, you can see how these subtly communication important information about your state of mind.