website hosting matters.

October 30, 2019

written by
Rex Vokey

As we near the end of Cyber Security Month, it’s time to talk about that thing that you (hopefully) don’t think about too much: hosting.  (‘cause that’s why clients have us)

downtime sucks.

For most of us, the only time we really think about the hosting for our website is when it isn’t there.  You need a hosting solution that can keep your site uptime as close as possible to 100%. Remember that NO one, even the big Google doesn’t have 100% uptime.  And they spend millions of dollars on keeping things up and running.

your site has to be secure.

Hackers are always trying to get into your site.  We’re not making that up, check out this site to see a real time attack map.  Many of these are not even actual people, they are automated bots or script kiddies looking for an easy way in.  Employing various techniques at the hosting and domain level, combined with constantly updating your site keeps your site secure.  Not only that, you want your visitors to perceive it as secure – you need SSL/HTTPS. In fact, some browsers will show your webpage as unsafe without it, even if you haven’t been compromised.

your site needs to be fast.

All that work you put into getting a fast site built is no good if your hosting provider can’t serve it up quickly!  Not just any platform can do this. And make sure you are fast on mobile AND desktop. They aren’t judged in the same grouping anymore, just like cars and motorcycles don’t race at the same time. According to the most recent research, the attention span of a website user has decreased to the point where a goldfish will score higher.

enter Pantheon.

Rather than figuring out all of that stuff yourself, Pantheon provides a rock-solid platform for your site.  We’ve been a Pantheon Partner for several years after discovering it takes the worry out of web hosting (and believe me, we worry!).  Each component of Pantheon’s platform is designed for security and efficiency. Right out of the box, you get a site that is more secure, faster, and reliable.

development workflow and easy rollback.

Not only does Pantheon provide a good experience for you and your visitors, it makes development easier.  Your web developer and content editors will be wasting less time dealing with the hassles of server access and more time doing what you need.

check yourself.

So, take a look at your hosting. Is it something you have to worry about?