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WFH leading the student life

June 7, 2022

written by
Ariana Yabrow

What I’ve learned throughout my experience as a remote student and worker


I’m currently a working college student who’s been remote almost since the beginning of the pandemic. This means that both my classes and my job have been online and through zoom or google meet. 


A few things I’ve learned throughout this experience: 


Be kind to yourself. Having classes and work online is usually perceived as being easier but that doesn’t mean that it is. Burnout is real and feeling a loss of connection happens. Take a moment whether that be an hour or a day for yourself. One way I like to do this is by going outside or even running an errand to the store. This gives me a moment to be away from the screen or my desk and helps wake me up. 


Having a conversation in person is much different than having one over email or chat. Miscommunication happens in both, so just remember that asking for clarification is okay.


If you’re a student, try and remember that your grades aren’t everything. If your mental health is taking a nosedive due to the stress, it’s okay to take a break or miss an assignment. Put yourself first, not your degree. Taking a gap semester is an option or becoming a part time student is another. It’s not often talked about within the education system, most people feel as though they need to finish in four years. The common saying is “fifteen to finish” which refers to taking fifteen units or credits a semester in order to graduate in four years. If your course load is heavy or difficult it can be overly stressful. It’s okay to drop that class and try again another semester!

Lastly, invest in a comfortable chair. Your back will thank you 🙂