what’s on your desk?

July 16, 2014

written by
Greg Ciro Tornincasa

Some say you can tell a man’s worth by his shoes or a woman’s personality by the contents of her purse—here’s what our desks say about some of us. Take a closer look by rolling over our desktops.



ceo on the go

Barbara never knows when a new biz meeting might pop up—she’s got the heels, laptop, clutch and her helmet to scoot out of the studio at any given moment. When the meeting goes well—beer to celebrate!




artsy art director

Greg’s got the designerly schwag down. A Mondrian inspired eraser, Eames chair temp tattoos, Pantone chip notebook and designeresque greeting cards from clients and colleagues. That artsy looking cone thingy? It’s an ice cream cone sleeve inspired by a Tony Cragg sculpture.




disco dancing designer

Hsuan’s ready to get this party started. Not only does her disco ball turn sunlight into dancing disco lasers, but she’s got a tiki shot glass, a robot to bust a move with and a fan to cool this party girl down.




the prepared producer

Whether she’s tweaking type or touching up her lips, Marcia (Marcia! Marcia!) handles every client situation with aplomb. Note taking, noodling or at-desk noshing—she keeps her cocker close.




disheveled developer

Where does the desk end and Keith begin? Our programmer and his desk are inseparable. But that didn’t stop us from including him. Working ’round the clock to bring life to our design, he’s a dedicated dude.




no-fuss finance

Tim pays the bills, feeds the team, tends the books and crunches the numbers. Yet, he still manages to be more of a modernist than us all. We love white space.

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