vera springett

vera springett

content strategist & copywriter

Vera believes you should never stop trying to find new ways to reach your audience. This natural storyteller has lived a good story herself, so she knows how to tell one. A sushi purist, fine jewelry fancier, and major Audi enthusiast, Vera doesn’t just tell it like it is, but how it should be — in life and in narrative. While she may look sweet, she’s a tough girl at heart. Vera dons her superhero cape daily to manage family life and work life, all while making sure our team and clients have the copy they need to keep moving forward. She likes to gather all the deets, then dissect the heck out of it. And sees clearly the reality of a business problem, but focuses on the ideal of possibility and what it can be. Vera’s ability to weave together anything from an entire digital, web and social content strategy to carefully calibrated brand guidelines is a testament to her desire to go above and beyond for clients. From global and national brands to local projects, this real-life Wonder Woman has the superpower to make you stand out.

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