giving the beverly hills restaurant a site with flavor


the details.

the details.

Perfect, golden pillows of ravioli adorned by a smattering of sage leaves and corn kernels. Miniature pyramids of raw shrimp sparkling on delicate, clear glass plates. Strands of spaghetti nestled on a fork, dressed lightly with tomato sauce and a dusting of fresh parmesan. An inviting glass of ruby red wine.

Ah … if you are seeing these visions of deliciousness, too, then you are either dining now at Culina, Modern Italian in The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills – or savoring the vibrant, you-can-almost-taste-it images on the restaurant’s website developed by 300FeetOut.

The Four Seasons Hotel needed a website to showcase Culina as a sophisticated neighborhood dining experience – accessible, affordable and committed to serving fresh, locally sourced food. (Did we mention Culina also features the only crudo bar in Los Angeles? Yum!) 300FeetOut collaborated with Culina’s architects, chefs and management staff to create a website experience that underscores why Culina, Modern Italian is a standout dining destination – and by no means just another “hotel restaurant.”


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Davey Award

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visitor increase first 2 months post launch

A custom branded QR code lets Culina guests safely and easily access the menu on their own device.

QR Code Phone Menu

"Thanks for always making sure we look our best! Grazie."

— Greg Velasquez, Culina Director of Marketing