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the details.

the details.

Grace Bay Club in the heartachingly beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands of the Caribbean is known for creating individualized, “handmade experiences” designed to turn “every guest into a lifetime guest.” Owner, Grace Bay Resorts, wanted the luxury hotel’s website to reflect the timeless destination—a slick, contemporary resort with hands-on personalization of every guest’s stay in this tropical paradise.

300FeetOut styled Grace Bay Club’s website like a modern blog, with navigation that allows for a “leisurely scroll” through details about the hotel. Visitors learn quickly that the resort is an ideal place for any event – a honeymoon, a family vacation, or a business meeting. Lush photography showcasing the property’s features, including its unique “Infiniti Bar,” little hints of the tropics – an exotic flower, a colorful fish – and a link to streaming video about the Grace Bay Club experience help build a yearning for the resort, even if one has yet to experience it firsthand.

Within just months of its launch, more than 76,000 new visitors were drawn to the hotel’s website. 300FeetOut’s search engine optimization efforts also have delivered impressive results: traffic for non-branded keywords “Turks and Caicos Resorts” and “Turks and Caicos Hotels” received incredible 59,816 percent and 86,700 percent increases, respectively. So, it would appear that Grace Bay Club’s home island of Providenciales should prepare for a growing number of visitors, too.


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