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With a theme of “Contrast”, 300FeetOut was tapped once again by FontShop to brand the 2013 TYPO San Francisco International Design Conference. From around the globe, people were brought together to discuss design, technology, inspire creativity, foster interpersonal relationships and to discuss where our industry is headed. Our goal this year was to create a personable brand, with a campaign sharing the broad thoughts on what “contrast” meant to them – rather than presenting a literal interpretation of what the theme meant to us. We asked the line-up of speakers and attendees themselves, “What’s YOUR Contrast?”

From there the brand began breathing. One attendee told us contrast “celebrates diversity”. A speaker told us contrast “is to the eye what salt & pepper is to the tongue”. “Contrast makes me eyes do the mambo!” said another attendee. With all these diverse thoughts on contrast, we gave personality to the theme by using handwritten typefaces that resembled various personalities and spread their own words across the design of the campaign rollout in vivid color. In hand, the programs were sprinkled with quotes of their own, with room for doodling new ideas. On stage, the interstitial screen illuminated live tweets by attendees who hash tagged #typo13. Tshirts were left blank and volunteers drew their own Contrasts. Armed with chalkboard markers, attendees unleashed their expression on the “Contrast Wall”. The brand harnessed the power of social media, becoming highly interactive — attendees posting to Instagram and Twitter their own creativity displayed on their programs, tshirts, the Contrast Wall and stickers from their schwag bags.

The brand grew legs and ran faster than even we had anticipated. #typo13 #success.


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“Contrast is to the eye what salt & pepper is to the tongue.”

— Attendee, TYPO San Francisco International Design Talks

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