tiled image of various work spaces

3FO team workspaces

April 30, 2020

written by
Bri Martinez

With shelter in-place at week six (has it really been that long?), it’s inevitable for people who are still working from home to create a space they can enjoy while being productive. Some of team at 300FeetOut wanted to share how they’re faring during this time with their at-home setups. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration to spruce up the ironing board you might be using for a desk!


barbara’s workspace (cxo)

Barbara O. has a desk and a shelf for files, the printer, and all the paperwork stuff she needs to administer work and keep the company kicking. The beer fridge isn’t too far from her desk either (it’s 4 o’clock somewhere!).


rex’s workspace (technology director)

Rex’s desk is tucked away in his office. With decór courtesy of his wife (check out her shop!), as well as some of his own developer illustrations to go with all his fancy gadgets like a big fat microphone, he’s able to get everything he needs done in his space.


greg’s workspace (art+ux director)

Greg takes his art seriously in his work space where he spends time getting creative. Sandwiched between Fnnch’s ‘Totem of Lips’ and a wall of artsy books, he connects with the team while watching the neighborhood kids point to Johnson waving back.


chantel’s workspace (developer)

Co-working in the house’s music room/office, Chantel gets her work done on a clean desktop with a large display screen and some funky decorations. She also gets the occasional micro-management visits by her cats, who love to say hello to us on video calls.


bri’s workspace (designer)

Due to limited space, Bri’s desk is also used for storage space for her co-worker’s dog food. She has everything she needs to be productive at work, from the noise-cancelling headphones and Wacom tablet, all the way to her tiki mug and coaster collection for daily inspiration.


andrew’s workspace (seo strategist)

The Dude abides this workspace. As a full-time Lebowski fanatic, Andrew adorns his at-home office space with framed artwork from Lebowski Fest, and keeps a little Dude on his desk for motivational wisdom.